CABIN TWO at BEAR CREEK CAMP is a self-contained family cabin offered as a daily or weekly rental.  It sleeps six with private bathroom, kitchen/dining, covered deck, picnic table, and campfire ring with bundle of firewood.

BEAR CREEK CAMP, 1.7 miles from downtown Haines, Alaska, with monthly summer cabin rentals starting in 2020, is under new ownership.  Donna Catotti, a professional artist and Haines resident for over 30 years, will offer a unique living situation for summer residents in the outdoor guiding industry.  

“After graduating architecture school in 1973, my life revolved around 18-day river trips on the Colorado with Martin Litton’s Grand Canyon Dories.  As a customer in 1973, it changed my outlook on life.  By 1974 I was planning, packing, and cooking for 35, over wood fires for the privilege of being on the trip.  I lived in the Sierra where I enjoyed backpacking and ski camping.

In the summer of 1987, after doing an April Grand trip together, I came to Haines to be with Rob Goldberg in Mud Bay, and all my river trips since have been private ones.  Fast forward a whole bunch of years.  I still enjoy x-c skiing, gardening, travel, and, of course, painting.  Rob backpacks the canyon every winter, and has a dory at Paradise Cove for oar powered subsistence fishing, crabbing, and shrimping.  In his spare time Rob builds guitars, violins, and cellos for a living.

Bear Creek Camp has been here longer than I have.  It is a bit old and funky, in a cool sort of way.  It used to be a hostel with daily rentals, NOT what I am interested in.  I hope to create an intentional summer community of like-minded individuals who care about the earth, recycling, and healthy living, guides who need a place to regroup between trips, a place to relax with friends, cook a meal, have a campfire, play music, do yoga or play badminton on the lawn.  In ‘the old days’, between Grand Canyon trips, the crew all lived in our vehicles in the ‘ghetto’ behind the boathouse in Hurricane, Utah.   We mostly just slept there under the stars as we didn’t have much turn-around time.  Bear Creek is a whole lot cushier and cozy.  Hopefully as fun and friendly!   Our motto, 'Live Well - Laugh Often - Love Much'.

EACH OF SIX GUIDE CABINS is private, suitable for one, maybe two, with a heater, electricity, lights, beds, bedding, rug, dresser, small table, chair, coat rack, and shelf.  The men’s and women’s bathhouses have two toilets and two showers each, plus sinks.  The heart of every camp is, of course, the kitchen.  The heated, fully equipped communal kitchen with all appliances and utensils, also has storage for each cabin’s dry goods, tables and seating, and a small library.  It is one I would be happy to cook and serve a meal in, and I reserve the right to drop off excess veggies from my garden.  We are adding a covered area onto the kitchen, near the campfire ring, for outdoor dining or smoking (not indoors please).  You will be expected to recycle, compost, and clean up after yourself every time.  The rules won’t be unreasonable and will be presented up front.

Four of the six guide cabins are ready to go, as are the kitchen and bathhouses.   Rental rates for the 2020 season are $450/month per cabin for one, with $150 extra for an additional person, plus 5.5% local tax.  This includes all utilities.  Garbage and recycling will be removed, dish towels washed, bathrooms, and kitchen floor cleaned weekly.  There is a vacuum to clean your own cabin.  I will ask for the first month’s rent, a $250 refundable damage deposit, and a $50 cleaning fee.  Wi-Fi passcode has a one time $50 fee.

If you are interested in renting a cabin for the 2021 summer season, May - October 15, please print and fill out the application, email me, or just call.  Hopefully the Covid virus will be under control, we will have a tourist season once again, and there will be jobs for guides.  Click here for a 2021 Rental Application.  I intend to be selective and will ask for references.  Hope to hear from you!"


Please click here for camp rules.

Please click here for Bear Creek Camp Summer 2021 Rental Application.