Camp Rules


  • Our goal is to create an intentional community each summer of like-minded outdoor guides who care about the earth, recycling, and healthy living. Some of the rules below are created to help keep the kitchen efficiently organized and consequently all residents happy. Others are about keeping everyone safe.
  • If you have any virus symptoms, please self-isolate and contact the local SEARHC clinic for Covid testing, 766-6300.
  • No firearms are allowed on the property, or in vehicles parked on the property.
  • Clean up kitchen, dirty dishes, stove and countertops after each use.  Clean up after your guests as well.  Try to keep your own foods separate or labeled for others to identify (tape and marker near fridge).
  • All food scraps shall be composted in buckets provided. When full, use larger bucket below sink. Meat, fish, and crab scraps should be placed in small buckets or plastic bags in the freezer, to be disposed of later. If your casserole has a little meat just put that waste in the compost bucket. Please rinse all food containers like #5 plastics, which go in the garbage, and any recycle items (see below). Garbage will be removed weekly. If receptacle is full sooner, please contact caretaker.  If you have a lot of heavy personal items to get rid of, please use Salvation Army if the items are useful, or the self-haul dump at the end of FAA Road. Please do not leave your personal items behind when you move out.  Do not leave food items in cabins, in picnic area, or unsecured in kitchen shack. There are often bears in the area.
  • Cotton dish and hand towels are provided in the kitchen and bath houses and cleaned at least once a week. I find paper towels wasteful, but you are welcome to purchase them.
  • Dish soap, sponges, and other kitchen cleaning products are provided.
    Extras below the counter to the right of the stove.  If in short supply, let caretaker know.
  • To maintain cast iron pans, wipe away excess oil with cotton cloth provided. When needed, scrub with water only, no soap, dry on the heat, and oil lightly  every time with rag while still hot. The cast iron will stay nice forever if you do this EVERY time.
  • Recycle and separate all clean glass (caps in garbage), #1 and #2 plastics (#5 goes in the garbage), rinsed aluminum, tin cans, white paper and newspaper, and corrugated cardboard in the receptacles provided.  These will be taken once a week to the recycle center. Glass recycles at the dump.
  • Feel free to use the kitchen library.  If you take books to your cabin, please be sure to return them.  You can keep magazines.
  • Turn off all cabin heaters when leaving the property.  If it is really cold out, the bathroom and kitchen heaters may be left on low.  Otherwise turn them on as needed, before your shower, and off for the day if you are the last one out. If these spaces are quite warm, or it is late, please turn the heaters off.  They can be put back on in the morning.  These propane heaters are “old-style” and do not have outside venting.  When using your heater, please keep a window cracked open a little for fresh air.  Consider turning the heater off for the night, using an extra blanket instead.
  • All cabins have carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, and fire extinguishers.  No smoking inside any of the buildings.  Use your own deck, or smoke under the covered areas attached to the cook house.  While smoking and moderate drinking are allowed, we will ask you to seek other housing if you are an excessive drinker or you are one to indulge in harder drugs.
  • The laundry room is not for personal use.  Please use laundromat in town.
  • In bathrooms, put ALL paper products in waste receptacles, including toilet paper.  Do not put toxic materials down the drains.  We are on a septic system and it works better without any paper or chemicals. Please keep hot showers to a reasonable length of time.  Saving on fuel helps the environment, and could avert higher rents in the future.  Personal toiletries are your responsibility.  We can loan you a couple of bath towels for the summer and there is a towel bar for each cabin.  The bathrooms will be cleaned weekly, but supplies are available if you are inclined to clean them more often.
  • Your overnight guests staying more than two nights should register with owner or caretaker, and expect to pay $5/day to cover showers, utilities, and use of one clean towel if needed.  Only residents and registered overnight guests may use the showers.  Offering our showers to random dinner guests or co-workers is not acceptable.  Your registered guest may pitch a tent behind your cabin.  If your guest makes a mess, it is your responsibility to clean it up.  No guest shall stay more than two weeks without special arrangements.  Please give the Wi-fi password to paying guests only, not daily visitors.
  • Quiet time after 11pm or after 10pm if it is dark by then.
  • Put campfires out completely with water before retiring for the night.  Water spigot is on the kitchen deck nearby.  Firewood on the porch of the main cabin and behind Cabin Two are not available for camp residents.  Please collect your own.  The beach at the junction of Small Tracts and Mud Bay Road always has lots of driftwood that is easy to collect.
  • Badminton rackets are in the bag on the back wall of cabin six.  Bocce balls are on the deck of the kitchen shack.  Golf clubs available to loan.
  • Abby dog lives on the property in the front house. She is friendly and likes attention, but do not take her into your cabin. No other pets allowed without special permission.
  • No driving up the lawns to the cabins. All parking will be in the lower lot. Do not block garage door.
  • Rents are due on time.  Failure to be timely could result in eviction. Consistent failure to clean up after yourself in the kitchen could have the same result.  If you need to move out early, a two week notice will insure a refund of any unused rents. Damage will be assessed and that deposit returned as well.
  • Please report any problems, damage, or inadequacies to Donna at 766-2707 or 314-3019.
  • Thank you for being a part of the Bear Creek Camp community!  We hope you have a great summer!